Philip J. Holton Water Purification Plant: Filtration Upgrades

Providence Water (Scituate, RI)

In Fall 2009, Hart broke ground on the first substantial update to Rhode Island’s Philip J. Holton Purification Plant in over 40 years. Hart was awarded $50 million in construction contracts, implemented over eight years. With these new upgrades, the facility has continued to supply 60% of the state’s population with uninterrupted clean drinking water.

This project included the replacement of existing 18 filter beds with new, modern-design filters. The facility operated at total capacity while completing the re-build. All work was phased with only two filters allowed off-line at a time. Improvements also included the construction of new protective building enclosures covering the new filters, all new filter piping, valving and metering, and a complete upgrade of the plant’s process control and instrumentation systems.

This video highlights Hart’s collaboration on the project with Holliston Sand, laying high quality silica sands for water treatment and filtration.


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