Chairman’s message

When a company is small, or new, that company’s image is usually a reflection of the principles and ideals possessed by its founding leaders. Hart’s image in the industry is widely known. Hart has consistently been synonymous with Honesty, Quality, and Competence. To enhance those basic original ideals, and to insure their continuity as a company grows, it is important that each individual be able to return to a common touchstone of guiding principles. Image and Reputation are fragile qualities. They can, on occasion, be tarnished unfairly. However, in the final analysis, a company’s image eventually will be a true reflection of the collective efforts of its people. No amount of talking or selling can overcome extended poor performance. Likewise, lesser people could not, by themselves, cause the decline of a great company.



  1. To pursue EXCELLENCE relentlessly in all corners of our operations, in matters large and small, internal
    and external.
  2. To approach all tasks, new and old, with ENTHUSIASM and dedication.
  3. To contribute to an atmosphere where all Hart employees are respected, and where a spirit of
    COOPERATION can flourish.
  4. To conduct all our affairs in such a STRAIGHT-FORWARD manner that they will stand the scrutiny of our associates.
  5. To promote a harmonious relationship between Hart and its clients, based upon mutual RESPECT and
  6. To insure by every action that we ultimately PRODUCE for each client at least what we sold them.
  7. To regard ourselves as the client’s true protection against inferior work, and his ultimate insurance of a
    QUALITY project for a fair price.
  8. To promote among all our employees the sense that we will build it well, make it work, fix it if it does not,
    and leave the client SATISFIED.
  9. To live up to the SPIRIT as well as the letter of every agreement Hart may sign.
  10. To contribute in some positive way to the image, reputation and INTEGRITY of Hart, each and every day.

C. Frank Rampone,