Projects: Fine Chemical

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Client: Hampshire Chemical
Location: Lima, Ohio
Project: HCN Derivatives Facility 
Services: Engineering & Construction 

Client: Proctor & Gamble
Location: Boston, MA & Stamford, CT
Multiple Project: Manufacturing Process Retrofits & Mechanical Process Piping Renovation, Redesign & Upgrades
Services: Engineering & Construction

Client: Rohm and Haas
Location: Marlborough, MA
Project: Pilot Plant Expansion
Services: Engineering & Construction

 Client: Teknor Apex Corporation
Pawtucket, RI
Project: Major Cooling Water Modifications
Services: Construction

Client: International Specialty Products
Freetown, MA, Waltham, MA & Norwood, MA
Various Projects: Utility Piping and Equipment
Services: Construction

Client: Lata Parallax
Location: Portsmouth, OH
Project: Modular Material Sorting, Sampling & Packaging
Services: Engineering & Construction
Client: NFS
Location: Erwin, TN
Project: Design/Build Modular Process Equipment System
Services: Engineering & Construction