The critical elements of any project which need to be quantified and controlled can generally be grouped into three fundamental categories: Quality, Schedule and Cost (click through for combined page). Every significant task which must be accomplished should be quantified in those terms if the project is to be successful.

Hart's overall philosophy and approach to Quality Control has evolved in part from Hart’s design-build experience in constructing projects from our own design documents. Additionally, Hart’s involvement in serving on the board of the American National Standards Institute, Hart's own QC Manual for the design and fabrication of Pressure Vessels - Certified by ASME and the National Board and our QC/QA System for High Purity Systems and Equipment which was designed to meet the rigorous requirements of the FDA. The application of each of these QC systems is applied equally to design and construction operations. 

It is important to note that the entire design process will be controlled and directed by Hart’s procedures and systems. All project information, including Telephone logs, E-mail logs, Requests for Information, Meeting Minutes and Engineering Documents are entered into and maintained in the Project Data Base. This approach allows easy access to and control of information during all phases of the project.

Hart Design has proven ability to develop and control project schedules with effective project management. Our capability to control schedules goes beyond a marketing platitude. Its execution is at the core of our ability to sustain economic viability and maintain a strategic position in our market. Therefore, Hart’s clients can be assured our designs are accurate, reliable and on time.

Schedule Control

One of Hart's first priorities after award is the establishment of a detailed project schedule. Based upon the client’s needs, a master schedule is prepared with an activity representing every major activity on the project including (and to the extent necessary) engineering, procurement, approvals, construction, start up and validation. The original project schedule is prepared by the project manager in a collaborative effort with key personnel from, Hart, the client and major vendors.

Cost Controls

For both Engineering and Construction operations, Cost Control is maintained by Producing a Detailed Estimate as the control document and maintaining close monitoring of progress and dollars committed to date versus the estimate basis. 

Project Reporting

During detailed design and construction, Hart will issue a monthly report detailing the following:
  1. Summary of Activities
  2. Design Decisions and Actions Pending
  3. Requests for Information
  4. Schedule Update
  5. Financial Status Report
  6. Change Order Status Log