Vivarium Lab Design & Construction

Vivarium is a significant component of the Life Sciences sector. Research and Development and Animal Health Care are two major drivers for vivarium laboratory design and construction. Hart’s set of skills and experiences include working in highly technical vivarium research laboratory facilities, where extremely critical scientific experiments are in process. Specialized building mechanical systems, clean and controlled environments and applicable utilities are typical components. Hart has a proven ability to successfully isolate and segregate operating facilities and utilities within an on-going clean room, cGLP and/or cGMP environment. This invaluable capability is an inherent requirement to a bulk of Hart projects, which are categorically renovations, expansions and retrofit type projects.

With vivarium projects, the key concerns extend to the unique protection and isolation issues involving the animals within the care of the research facility. Hart specializes in this, as well as the NIH and AAALAC guidelines; incorporating both criteria within the vivarium design basis and construction application.