High Hazard/Flammable Storage Facility

The Hart Design Group has extensive facility design experience with projects that include the storage and handling of hazardous and/or flammable materials. 

Hart has been the Lead Engineering/Architect on projects that range from conceptual and preliminary design thru detailed design, construction, construction contract administration and commissioning/validation for high hazard/flammable storage facility material handling systems. 

A singular distinguishing aspect of these “Hazardous/Flammable Materials Storage” projects, are that each required expertise in Federal/State & Local Building Code, Safety Hazard Facilities Design, and Client/Insurance carrier standards to assure that the design developed was both fit for function, as well as within regulatory code compliance.

Hart is also capable and experienced in providing client’s permitting, planning, zoning and code compliance (or variance) support. 

While Hart recognizes there is uniqueness to every facility design and function, Hart’s depth of successful experience with challenging A/E design service requests, bolsters Hart’s confidence that we can extend relevant expertise to clients.