BIM 3-D Modeling

Hart has a depth of experience in BIM 3-D modeling. BIM is a valuable tool for utilization in the Design and Construction Industry to facilitate the smooth and successful completion of client projects. BIM delivers a clearer understanding of the Design impact drivers and points of coordination. This information is available earlier in a projects development, when it can more readily be revised. 

In addition to the obvious benefit of providing an improved visual representation, BIM 3-D Design allows for a better and earlier understanding between Client, Contractor(s) and Designer. This tool can layout a clear and detailed execution path toward reaching a predictable result in Scope, Schedule and Cost. 

Hart has a robust personnel base, trained in this specialized technology. Both the Design and Construction teams at Hart work together to incorporate 3-D Design whenever feasible into appropriate client projects. In a world of tight schedules and even tighter budgets, the value of identifying and resolving implementation conflicts in a virtual 3-D world is priceless.